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This past weekend I had the opportunity to legitimately feel like a rockstar, visit my mom’s hometown, meet a community of people who show nothing but love and support, all in one place. I was recently hired by Livestrong, a nonprofit group whose mission is to provide financial and community support to cancer victims based out of Austin, to play a show in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I flew out on Saturday, played the show, and flew back Sunday. I expected the show to be like any other, but I was pleasantly mistaken.

I was contacted by the gregarious Maria Moore from the Norfolk Academy (the 7th oldest school in America) who not only coordinated flying me out to Virginia but she also facilitated sound equipment pickup as well as transportation to and from my hotel (not to mention amazing Carolina style BBQ and great beer from Smartmouth Pilot House). I began setting up the equipment with the ever so competent, Rob Fleenor, who gave me a history of the group that I was going to play for. They were educators, business owners, and business professionals all from the Virginia area who were coming to provide financial and communal support for three cancer victims. The event was called “Boobs, Butts, and Brews” to indicate the fight against colon and breast cancer, and beer. Why not?

The volume of the old post office turned microbrewery grew from a small chatter to a raucous roar as individuals piled into the open space to provide their support. Greg Lee, Livestrong's CEO, also flew out from Austin to give speeches about the fight the three victims were currently fighting against such a nasty disease. I felt an overwhelming confidence that if enough people come together, anything is possible. I felt honored to be a part of such a wonderful event.

The event came to a close and the voices slowly faded into the night. Vibrant exuberance turned to satisfied silence as I made my way back to the hotel amidst the chilly ocean air.

I pinch myself from time to time that plucking strings and singing songs can take me to places like this and meet people of extraordinary caliber.

©2016 by Josh Klaus Music.