A band of brothers (and a sister)

January 23, 2018


This past weekend was one of the rare weekends where I didn’t take the stage alone, I was able to take the stage with my family.  When I’m not belting out songs with my trusty Taylor 416c, I’m playing my Epiphone Broadway hollow body with my band, Fierce Kelly.


I’ve been singing, playing guitar, and writing songs ever since I was 14 years old.  I was in a band called Nothing More for a short spell (who are actually quite successful now, so you should check them out!) but I always enjoyed the control and solitary nature playing solo brought me.  The problem with playing alone is that you are very rarely challenged, most of your songs are slow, and you’re content with a rough draft.


The formation of Fierce Kelly was sparked by my brother-in-law, Dan Cohen (who also plays saxophone, beat poet, and back-up drums for Fierce Kelly).  He challenged me to do more with my music and after a few phone calls, some members coming and going, the final version of Fierce Kelly cemented with myself, Joel Klaus (my brother), Claire Glover, Graham Goetz, and Dan Cohen.  



Our Friday night started off with a midnight bang at the Blackheart on Rainey Street.  We played a practically perfect set to an audience of familiar faces (even those who drove up from San Antonio) and faces we hopefully melted upon first impressions.  The Blackheart is one of the best live music venues in Austin and we were happy to provide the nightwalkers an hours worth of excellent live music.  


After a paltry 5 hours of sleep, we awoke to a lazy Saturday to pack up our PA system and headed towards the Zilker Clubhouse to celebrate Dustin and Sandy’s wedding.  The venue they chose was perfect for their special day; a perfect view of the skyline of Austin, a great dance floor, and a rustic charm that captures vintage Austin.  We provided the soundtrack for their day of romance and although we couldn’t play any latin music or Michael Jackson, I think our unapologetic passion shone through our vocals, horn lines, and rhythm.  


If you’re looking for an amazing night out, come check out Fierce Kelly the next time we play!


February 10th- Lazarus Brewing Company in Austin- 8PM-11PM

February 24th- Stay Gold in Austin- 11PM-1AM


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