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A new dream, a new year, a new beginning

Ever since I was a little boy, I have been singing at the top of my lungs. I simply enjoyed the happiness it brought me when I listened to one of my favorite songs at the time and was able to match the artist note for note. It's as if the singer was giving me their secret and it was my job to blab it to everyone. This only went as far as mom, dad, or siblings who were in the car with me.

Music has taken me to so many amazing places. I was able to fortunately forgo the displeasure of working a minimum wage summer job during my teen years by busking on the streets of San Antonio. I was able to perform to hundreds by singing at SeaWorld San Antonio during their Halloween and summer shows. Musical doors were opening all around me but fear kept me from barging in. I thought to myself "sure, you're good but there is no way you can make a living at this." So I pursued my college degree and eventually got my masters only to realize that this was not the life I wanted. I yearned for the stage, to create, to collaborate (and listen), to feel that feeling I had when I was young.

2017 was the year I embarked on my trial run to see if music could sustain me. I couldn't have been more wrong. The results were beyond my wildest dreams. I played over 180 shows including weddings, parties, clubs, restaurants, and iconic venues.

So here I am, accelerating rapidly without any intention of slowing down.

Watch out world, here I come.

©2016 by Josh Klaus Music.